Monday, February 28, 2011

Scrappy Hour

So I have gotten a lil behind on scrappy hour display... but these are the pages we done the last couple of months. Now if I can just get myself to add pictures and such to complete them. =) I get so caught up in creating pages I forget to finish them with precious memories.

January Page

February Page

Sponge Bob Birthday

I so loved how this card turned out.
I made it for my sweet lil great nephew 2nd Birthday...

I used the big shot scallop square, a few circle punches, and then I had to free hand the nose n mouth but it wasn't to bad. Just makes you want to sing "who lives in a pine apple under the sea-sponge bob square pants" =D

Saturday, February 19, 2011

We made this cute lil container as one of our make n takes at our monthly meeting. Recycling a empty (brad/button) container. We can decorate to what ever our hearts desire; and fill with more buttons, paper clips, etc. Would make a cute hostess gift. =)

Sweet lil Valentine*

Recently sewing has became a big hit around my parts (house) lol. So I thought I would start trying it in some of my cards. This one turned out super*


Dimond Fold Card

I made this for my husbands birthday.
I wanted something simple but a bit MANly of course =).
Seen this done on a Christmas card and thought; how cute.
So here is how mine turned out. Super cute right* ;) !

I got the how to from "STAMPERS QUEST"
You will love casing this card over and over again.

Supplies: 4" x 12" cardstock of your choice,
ruler, pencil, bone folder, paper cutter (f0r scoring)

Directions: Working from top edge

1. Following the picture of the template above, make a small, light, pencil mark at center (6") and then score at 2", 4", 8", 10".

2. Score a diagonal line to the right from the 2" score mark down to the center (6") pencil mark.

3. Score a diagonal line to the right from the center (6") pencil mark down to the 10" score mark.

4. Score a diagonal line to the left from the center (6") pencil mark down to the 2" score mark.

5. Score a diagonal line to the left from the 10" score mark down to the center (6") pencil mark.

6. Using your bone folder for crisp lines, follow the template to see where to make the 'valley' and 'mountain' folds. When closed, the card is 4" x 4" and when open, it will stretch out, as you will see.

7. Decorate and embellish as you desire. The large triangle panels could be stamped, embellished, etc. The first one I made had a sentiment in the first triangle and my message in the last one. I only had a stamped image in the center of the card.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Cased Swap

For this months monthly meeting. We were to pick something from one of our current catalogs to case for our swap. I couldn't decide so I made a couple before deciding on one. I liked how they all turned out. But I could only choose one.

Cased from pg 157

Cased from pg 133

Cased from pg 139

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Valentine Lip Balm Holder

Here's how you can create your own: 5 3/4" X 3 1/2" CS and for the out side DSP 5 1/2" X 3 3/8. Score both CS and DSP at 2 1/2" X 3 1/4" and go ahead and attach with adhesive. Slice 2 marks 3/4" in the middle at 1 1/2" X 2 3/8". this is for the lip balm. when i added the ribbon i attached it underneath the designer paper in two pieces front in back instead of wrapping all the way around. Hope you have as much fun making these as i did. You could use this for any occasion.