Wednesday, February 27, 2013

monkey bday

.... my lil monkey niece turning six wanted a monkey party so what better card to make is some jumping monkeys =) Happy Birthday Ms. Laila

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Best of love stamp set! Second stamp in series

Stampin Up is bringing back some of there favorite stamp images all this year in part of their celebration of 25yrs. I missed posting January's stamp set but you can see it and others month to month by simply going to my shop my site and click on the best of 25yrs under products.  or click on the box to the left of this page. =) Happy stampin' Best Of Love Stamp Set

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Feel Good Stamp

This is one of the easiest technique ever to do.
You need stamp, ink, heat gun, tissue paper, wax paper.
1. cut tissue paper just a lil smaller than  size of candle
2. stamp your image onto the tissue paper
3. lay on top of candle in position that fits you liken' best
4. get you wax paper cut out a strip that completely wraps around candle -your going to lay this on the top of the tissue paper while you get your heat gun and carefully heat up the candle just enough to see the tissue paper melt into the candle, be careful not to stay into one place to long. once you have melted the section turn off heat gun and slowly peel off wax paper. Now you should have a adorable candle to ensure to impress all your friends.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Dallas Regionals

omg we had so much fun- SU does such a amazing job for us at events.  it would be way to much blogging to blog everything. so i tried to break down just a few of my favorite things. For starters these awesome cupcakes they gave to us.They had them in every flavor I think.

Three awesome ladies I had the privilege of spending the day with. Josie, Janet, Tina
... and I can't go to a event without getting a picture with Shelly =)
... these are just a couple of the awesome demonstration cards they showed.
and yep I so have to try this technique
The awesome swaps I come home with. Loved all the ideas ladies they were all beautiful
these two swaps were extra special bc my friends tina, & janet made them.
the door prizes they gave out to everyone.
Our awesome make n takes we did. Okay so we actually had one more but it kinda got smashed on the way home :( so sorry it's not included.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A stamper in the making

My niece Laila and I spent the afternoon making cards for some of her favorite people. I didn't have any stamps at home they were at my shop. so we improvised and  used paper, scissors, and markers.      

Feeling Sentimental

Another one of my favorite favorite stamp sets.
 I will be sad to see it go when SAB is over. 
I seen this done once before very similar but a lil different.