Sunday, April 11, 2010

Purse in a Box

Okay so I uploaded the picture steps backwards so you must scroll all the way down and then up. To create one of your own. =D I used the sweet pea designer paper in the mini catalog.

Cut two pieces of ribbon at 12''
Sticky Strip
Tombow Glue
Card stock for box base: 8''x4'' Score at 1'' on all four sides
Two pieces of Card stock for strips: 1 1/2''x8 1/2''
Designer Series Paper:6''x8'' and another one at 6''x10
Scallop Punch
Tab Punch

Your purse is finished.
Step 10: Take your tab punch and punch out two tabs and cut in half. Attach your ribbon pieces to each tab with sticky strip and then add to purse again using sticky strip. I added a dangle charm to one of the handles to give that finale shebang. Now all you have to do is make a few greeting cards of your choice and you have the perfect gift.

Step 8: Peel the backing off of one of your scalloped strips. Starting on the side of the box, about 1/4" in from the end, carefully stick the scalloped border to the base of the purse, making sure you align the bottom edge of the scalloped border with the bottom of the purse so that the seam (where the DP and the bottom of the box meet) Adding on the other side of the box, carefully cut off a couple of the scallops so that they don’t show, when you overlap the two borders with the each other and they should align up together.

Step 7: Take two 1 1/2" x 8 1/2" strips of CS. Create a scalloped border using the scallop punch. Place sticky strip all along the bottom edge of the scalloped border.

Step 6: This is what your purse should look like.

Step 5: Place a small piece of sticky strip at the top, and then use your Tombow Multi-purpose adhesive and place a thin layer along the edge of the side "flap". Stand the box up and stick as shown in the picture above so that the two edges overlap by only about 1/4". Repeat on the other side.

Step 4: When you stick the two pieces of DP together, you only want them to overlap about 1/4". This is VERY IMPORTANT if you want to be able to get the "purse" look, with the top of the bag being wider than the bottom of the bag. Now that you see how the sides should overlap, you need to add some adhesive to the inside of the side flap to stick them together. Shown below.

Step 3: Take your 6" x 10" piece of DP and starting at one end, align the edge of the DP with the bottom edge of the box side and carefully, bring it around the front, and end at the other side. *Make sure you wrap the 9" side along the bottom of the box – the 6" side is the height* It will look like this:

Step 2: Wrap sticky strip all the way around the bottom of your box base like shown below.

Step 1: Take an 8" x 4" piece of card stock Score it at a 1'' on all four sides Attach the four sides so that it looks like the picture above.

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