Thursday, June 10, 2010

Shirt & Tie for Dad

This is the technique we made in our hearlandhams last meeting. I can see some great cards made with this. okay so my sample isn't quiet perfect but the more practice the better they turn out. =) Thank You Beth for sharing the how to with us~

4X6 sheet DS of your choice
score @ 1" each long side and fold to meet in center.
Score one top edge @ 1/2"
flip paper to other side and fold down.
turn back over and fold Rt. and L. corners over to meet at center edge.
bring bottom up and tuck under the collar, crease.
unfold and make flaps on either side, starting from the last fold line you made to the outer fold line at bottom of paper. (Looks kind of like an open tent flap.)
fold back up under collar and you have a man's shirt.
for the tie get a small strip of card stock about 1/2x13/4
snip one end to a (v) then on the other end fold down once where it looks like square the attach with a little adhesive.

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