Monday, May 30, 2011

Color Spritzer Tool Technique w/ "Vintage Vogue"

Supplies: color spritzer tool, stamp & write markers,vintage vogue stamp set

1. Take your spritzer, and your stamp & write marker (using the brush tip end of the marker)

2. On your color spritzer tool you will notice a whole on one end. Unscrew the screw and slide marker down till brush tip is about half way down n then you want to tighten up the screw to hold the marker in.

Two ways to use:
1. If you want a more intense splatter hold spritzer tool close to card stock./ Holding your spritzer farther away from card stock will give a light splatter.

(the spritzer tool adds more dimension to your back grounds.)
To clean the spritzer just remove the marker and squeeze a few times to clean the air way.

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