Sunday, July 24, 2011

Crystal Effects Faux Canvas Technique

Supplies: Crystal Effects, Tooth brush, Whisper White CS to stamp image on, Stamp set (That looks hand drawn or hand written)


1.Stamp your image on your CS.

2 .Apply Crystal Effects in several big passes all going the same direction.(up & down)

See how little it takes? Don't squeeze out giant globs!

3. Then work fast so it doesn't have time to dry like that, and brush the toothbrush

lightly and rapidly in the same direction, up and down, spreading the Crystal Effects

all over the card.( As soon as it gets spread out that thinly, it begins to dry very quickly),

so your toothbrush will leave brush strokes in the Crystal Effects--that's good!

We want that. Make sure your paper is entirely coated with a THIN coat of CE,

with all strokes going the same way.

4. Then we're going to turn CS and do the other direction.(side to side)

(See how you can see the strokes in both directions,) as the new layer gets brushed across

the already-drying first layer? You wind up with a woven look that resembles canvas!

5. Wash your toothbrush out right away.

It should be totally dry in five to ten minutes. It might buckle a little bit while drying, but it will remain amazingly flexible and can easily be adhered flat to your project.

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