Friday, December 16, 2011

ceramic tiles coasters

This is one of the cutest neatest gifts you can make; and it's SO easy. What you need is 4 tiles (i got mine at Lowes), a stamp set of your choice, staz-on ink, a can of clear coat (you can pick up at wal mart), and sm felt pads,and a coordinating ribbon, we sponged the sides with ink as well. The tag on top was used from the ''oval all stamp set'' one of my favorites.

Just ink your stamp real well then press firmly onto the tile. Set to side until you have went through all four. (if you are using a stamp that could have more color you could use permanent markers) Now before you begin to spray the clear coat on it's important to remember not to spray to close to the tiles. (spraying to close can cause the ink to separate and look like blobby blur.


  1. You can also add color to your tiles with Stampin' Pastels. The coasters I made about 7 years ago are still in great shape with color still intact.

  2. Thanks for the extra tip. I will try that next time. =)