Thursday, October 18, 2012

Test Tube Delight

Step one: Cut a basic black cs at 11X4
                Score at 1/2'',1-3/4'', 4-1/4'', 5-1/2'' ( horizontally )
                Rotate score 1-1/4'', 2-3/4''
                Rotate 1/2'' score to left 8'' mark to each score line. You can't see the lines real well but I hope the    picture below will help you put this together a little easier. =)

 Step two: get your scissors and cut out as shown below.
Step three: you will need your 1'' circle punch and punch out one circle as shown below..
 step four: you will need sticky strip for this next part in attaching together to insure it holds itself together securely. Just fold the box accordingly. The sticky strip should be attached to the inner two flaps of the end with circle punch and another strip applied to the little flap on the end of the circle punch.
 step five: now you need to pick out your favorite dsp for this part to help decorate the outside and a spooky stamp set of your liking as well to give it your special creative touch.
 I used peanuts and candy corn mix. If you like the payday candy bar you will love this mix.

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