Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Holiday Paper Wreaths

 Aren't these just adorable we made these in our out of the box sunday class. Cute right!!! what's even better is they are so super dee duper easy to make. =D

 You will need:
Start by going to wal-mart or local craft store and buy one of those green *styfoam craft wreaths. They less then $5
*  6 sheets of cordaniting DSP cut into 1/2' strips
* straight pins (atleast 150)
* bone-folder (You will use the bone-folder to curl both end of strips by holding finger in center and pulling outward on both ends to give a curl.) Once you have them all curled stick the straight pin in center of paper and begin sticking them randomly all over wreath. no need to worry about back side ;it won't be seen.

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