Saturday, March 21, 2015

Ecosystem school project & snail adhesive

 My son recently come home with a school project to do a ecosystem over Leopards.
After much research and collecting of 
supplies it was time to put together.
when he came to me and ask for glue the first thing that popped
 into my mind was of course Stampin' Up
adhesive. I gave him a small tutorial on which side 
was up kind of thing and how to apply generously and away he went. 
The best part was how cool he thought it was that it was a not so messy glue.

 It counted for two grades. 
One for the paper and research and Second for this neat little display he put together. =) 
He was so proud of the finished project
-and of course so was mom and dad; he did a GREAT job!

SNAIL Permanent Adhesive 

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