Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Girl Who Stamps - Technique Class

Color Spritzer Technique Class

This is what we learned
in the last class from (agirlwhostamps).
You will love these classes
you will always come home with great and new helpful tips.

Direct to Paper:
1. Slide brush tip end of a Stampin write marker into slot of color spritzer tool. place marker tip past tip of spritzer and touching tip of spritzer.
2. Hold squeeze pump of the color spritzer tool in your hand with your thumb lightly covering the top end where there is a cap with holes.
3. Point tip with marker down over scrap paper and squeeze quickly and firmly several times to create great texture with ink splatters.
4. Hold the tool further from paper for a lighter spatter and closer for a darker blotchier splatter. Once you have discovered the desired pattern spritz onto card stock. Repeat with another marker color if desired.

Direct to Stamp:
1. Place a medium to dark colored marker in color spritzer tool.
2. Ink a solid image stamp with light to medium colored ink.
3. Spritz ink directly onto inked stamp. Stamp inage onto card stock and see the beautiful speckled ink spattered image.

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