Thursday, January 28, 2010

Treat Bag Cover


One 3 3/8 x 10 1/2 cardstock
sticky strip
Border Punch, I used the Scallop Trim Border from
the S-A-B catalog
Stamps, Love You Much I used here
Crop-a-dile, or hole punch
3x5 cellophane bags
candy to fill your bags with.

Make Your Own:
Step 1- Score the cardstock at 4'',4 1/2'',5'' and 9''
Step 2- Fold cardstock in half at 4 1/2 scoreline, now score the 4'' and 5'' score line in the opposite direction to create the bottom of the treat bag.
Step 3- Fold the top flap down.
Step 4- Decorate the edge of the flap with you border punch.
Step 5-Decorate the front of your treat bag cover.
Step 6- Add a strip of sticky strip tape on the score line under flap. Place candy filled bag on the card stock.
Step 7- Fold your flap down and punch a hole, close to the center of the flap.
Step 8- Thread ribbon through holes.

Thanks S.C. for a cute idea.

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