Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Petal Card Double Punch Perfect Treat

We learned this at mini convention. It's a perfect WS idea. So give it a whirl and see how much fun this is. Plus EASY and we all love EASY right!?!!

Supplies needed: your favorite DSP., (Im using Big Top Birthday) adhesive, scissors, ribbon, Petal Card Double Punch , SU window sheet or (transparencies you can find at local office
supply stores), candy of your choice, I forgot to add a crop a dial to this for a whole punch.

Cut at 4-1/2 X 4-1/2 and then score at 1'',2'',3'', 4''

apply adhesive to the 1/2'' side and fold together. You can use sticky strip but I found that adhesive held this together pretty well.

take your dsp and punch out two pieces
(this is for the top and bottom of candy treat box)

apply adhesive to only the flaps of your punched pieces and adhere one to the bottom.

this is what it should look like now, go ahead and add your candy.

now take your ribbon cut at 8'' so you know you have enough to tie your not. and go ahead and punch your whole in center of your other punch out.

slide ribbon through and tie. this is what it should look like.
now take your adhesive and apply on flaps and stick your top on.

To finish I also cut a thin 3/4'' or so X4-1/2 strip to wrap around the top and bottom to give a little extra support and completion to this candy box.

Here it is all finished. Wasn't it so super dee duper simple =) This works for any occasion you can even add tags to it to give it that final pop you are looking for.

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