Monday, August 29, 2011

Rubber Stamping Technique-Masking

...the top left card is a idea from dawn griffen,
which inspired me to research masking. it's totally fun and simple; so give it a whirl.

Masking is a very cool rubber stamping technique that involves layering rubber stamp images to create depth. By rubber stamping images one on top of the other using masking you give the illusion that images are in front or behind each other.

SUPPLIES: ink, stamp set of your choice,scrap paper for the mask image.

1. Stamp Your First Image: For this demonstration I'm masking using a single rubber stamp. The first image you stamp will be the one in the foreground of your picture.
2. Create The Mask: Stamp the image onto a piece of scrap paper, cut nice and tight along the stamped image- this cut out now becomes your "mask"
3. Position The Mask: Place the mask directly over your first stamped image lining it up perfectly. This protects your first stamped image.
4. Stamp Your Second Image: ink up your rubber stamp (either the same or a different rubber stamp then the first).
5. Remove The Mask: Peel off the mask, and BAM! ...two overlapped images.

other options: is cutting out a shape to lay on top to sponge around image like you see on top.

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