Thursday, June 21, 2012

In-colors in The Book Store =)

Okay so some of you know my husband and I have started a new chapter in our life, and bought a local book store that I worked at for the past 5yrs. Well let me just start by saying there was MUCH work to be done to the place. But what better way to be inspired than by  Stampin' Up - and I must say Lowes was just awesome on helping me match up my colors that I needed.

 Lucky Limeade, Pool Party, Calypso Coral

  .... so let's scroll down and take a walk thru the store w/ me.

 Picture above is Before and below is After
This picture below is the opposite side of the one you see above, 
(now where my desk is) i will post more later on what it looks like for you. 
 And this is where I get to display all my fabulous SU creations. =0)
Picture above is Before and below After
This picture below is the back end to this same side,
we actually took out a couple of walls here to open it up to one big room.
On to the other side of the store

Picture above is the Before and the one below is the After
 ... and this is still what this side of the store looks like b/c we
 had to take a break from all this great over-hall to the store.
 but it's coming a long and looking awesome.
Still have to replace the shelving on this side,then work on my kids corner.
Will keep you posted as the updates happen.


  1. Congratulations and good luck on your new business. Love the new colors! ;)