Thursday, February 20, 2014

Baby Kanyon album

 Just wanted to share this little 6X6 album with you and it's story. My sweet nephew and his wife are expecting their first born and unfortunately  they have had complications where they are now staying in the hospital trying to keep baby Kanyon in mommies tummy as long as possible so he can grow before entering the world.  We still have a month to go, and he now will be arriving tomorrow; we are all so excited!!!! But I wanted to make this for them to have at the hospital so they can make memories as they wait to get to bring him home, since he is going to have to stay for a little while till he's strong enough to come home. Mom and Dad are doing great, but please keep them in your prayers as they have a long road to go before they get to bring him home and start their new lil family.

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