Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Scrappin Memories 3-D

  • 12X12 cs
  • sticky strip
  • adhesive
  • paper cutter
  • scorer
  • scissors

1.) take a 12 X 12 sheet of cs n cut into four 6 X 6 squares; you will need three of the four squares
2.) each square should be scored at 3''(down center) and diagonal from one corner only

3.) fold all three of your score lines so they become bendable

4.) they should now look like this. Take your sticky strip and attach to back of your center piece only at the two center flaps and attach to the two outer pieces.

5.) For the out side before attaching my dsp i took my ribbon n got ready to attach underneath then applied the dsp layers. this way you are assured your ribbon isn't going any where.

 5.) this is how mine turned out so cute and as always so easy to create but enough to get your friends n family to say wow! you're so talented. ;D
 I got a lil carried away with my daughters pictures. you can leave some open so you can see all the decor you add. it doesn't need alot of embellishments though so it's easier to close. But filled with pictures looks fabulous too!